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At Morgan Motorized Flags, Inc., We have great pride for the symbols of our country. The American Flag makes us proud to be Americans. When we see our nation’s flag being presented, we pay the honor and respect that it deserves. We put this same level of respect in to every flag system we build.

We understand the sacrifices made by the many military personnel and citizens throughout our nation’s history that have given us the freedoms that our citizens currently enjoy. Furthermore, we believe that paying respect for our nation’s symbol is the first step to passing these patriotic beliefs on to future generations.

In 1999 Lynn and Roger Morgan built the first motorized flag display.  Through minor tweaks and improvements, we have developed a product that is stunning, durable, and awe inspiring.

Building on our strong patriotic beliefs, the mission at Morgan Rolling Flags is to help instill a renewed sense of respect and affection for the United States Flag by designing and building systems that display the U.S. flag in a way that causes people to pause and appreciate our nation and our flag.

We build quality systems that can be depended on for many years to provide awesome flag presentations for sporting activites, assemblies, meetings, and others events.

Our Team

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Lynn Morgan


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Dax Greener

Director of Marketing

The first time I saw this huge American Flag descend in our gymnasium, I had an overwhelming sense of National Pride.

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Kristine Handy

We have received calls from our donors thanking us for allowing them to participate in such a worth while donation.


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Some of our Customers

We have the privilege of working with some great schools

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Learn how you can get a flag in your school

There is no better feeling than overwhelming people with a breath taking flag the fills the entire gym. Call and get yours today.

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